Holiday Nosh Box


This Holiday Season means having snacks and appitizers on hand for the ones we love, or maybe you just want to chow down on some Pine Street Market Treats! 


In celebration of this festive time, the Pine Street Market Crew has curated a special box to help start your celebrations off right!


Coppa (4 oz.)

Speck (4 oz.)

Heritage Pork Rillette (6 oz. Jar)

Pimento Cheese (10 oz.)

Bacon Jam (6 oz. Jar)

GA Sourdough Crackers (1 bag)



  • Coppa - Dry-cured Riverview Farms pork shoulder spiced with black pepper & chilis. Aged for 6 months. Beautiful rosey-red meat and rich, buttery fat with a hint of chili, PSM's Dry-Cured Coppa, winner of a Good Food Award, is the perfect addition to your next charcuterie board! 

    Speck - Velvety & rosy cured meat mingled with buttery fat, a subtle layer of smoke, & a hint of juniper makes Pine Street Market Speck the ultimate cured meat. Our Speck is made from Riverview Farms ham, cured with juniper berry and black pepper, and cave-cured for 8 months.

    Heritage Pork Rillette - Our Heritage Pork Rillette is made from a classic pork confit - heritage breed pork slowly simmered overnight in its own fat - that is shredded and mixed with a savory blend of rosemary, thyme, sage, mustard, and pepper. Preserved with a thin layer of fat, rillettes are perfect for serving as a thick spread atop toasted rustic bread along with cornichons, whole grain mustard, or fruit preserves. They are delicious with crudité or even as a pasta stuffing.

    Pimento Cheese - A creamy blend made in-house with sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, Duke’s Mayonnaise, Roasted Red Peppers, Bacon Jam, Chipotle Pepper, & other spices. It’s addictive!

    Bacon Jam - We blend our hand-crafted bacon with garlic, onions, cider vinegar, molasses, and spices to create this delicious treat. Perfect on a cracker, as a base for your next potlikker, or as a topping on a juicy burger!

    Georgia Sourdough Sea Salt Crackers - Organic Flour, Organic Sourdough Starter, Grass-Fed butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sea Salt... & that's all folks!

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