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PINE STREET MARKET is the brainchild of Master Butcher and Charcutier Rusty Bowers.


At Pine Street Market, we believe that good, clean food can do more than bring us to the table, it can bring us closer together. From the local farmers to the butchers, getting to know the people that produce our food -- and the processes they use -- is the best way to reconnect with it. And when we reconnect with food, we reconnect with family, friends and community.


We practice the art of Whole Animal Butchery, which teaches us how to honor the life of the animal by skillfully utilizing every cut. Using age-old techniques such as curing, aging, smoking, and processing the lesser-known parts, allows us to create delicacies that delight our customers while minimizing food waste.


That’s why you’ll find more than just cuts of meat - Pine Street market offers a wide array of specialty foods, which result from our unique philosophy. You’ll also find knowledgeable butchers that are happy to explain the products and processes, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be as proud as we are about the food you purchase.


Ours is a more sustainable approach to food, and a more enlightened way to live… one that harkens back to a simpler time. But don’t mistake us for being merely nostalgic. It’s not about missing the past; it’s about addressing what’s missing in the present.




Pine Street Market Hand Crafted Meats

Bratwurst / Cotechino / Italian / Roasted Poblano / Spiced Pear / Toulouse
Smoked Sausages
Andouille / Chicken / Frankfurter / Kielbasa 
Bulk Sausages
Applewood Bacon Burger / Country Sausage / Italian / Mexican Chorizo
Cured Meats
Coppa / Cappicola / Guanciale / Lonza / Pancetta  / Speck / Bresaola / Sweetheart Ham
Herbs de Provence / 'Nduja / Saucisson Sec / Soppressata / Spanish Chorizo / Thuringer
Applewood Smoked Heritage Bacon / Bacon Ends / Black Label Heritage Bacon / Bacon Jam
In addition to our traditional selection of quality meats, we always feature small batch seasonal & speciality hand crafted meats!
Visit one of our retail locations or our on-line store for availability.

We proudly partner with the following local farms

Decimal Place Farm
White Oak Pastures
4A Pine Street I Avondale Estates, GA 30002 I 404  296  9672
Retail Store Hours
Tuesday-Friday 11AM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday 10AM-5PM
Closed Monday
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Media Inquiries  

Roland Alonzi  404-594-1027

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