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Pine Street Market offers classes designed for fellow meat enthusiasts to learn the nuances of whole animal butchery. Classes are usually held at an Atlanta area brewery, so we can celebrate both craft butchery and craft beer - plus, you can plan to hang around after for some lively conversation and tasty beverages!
See below for upcoming classes and to purchase tickets!
You can also Shop PSM Online to purchase a class gift certificate for the butcher in your life!


  • Whole Hog Butchering Class
    Sat, Oct 01
    The Lost Druid Brewery
    Get to know cuts of pork from the inside-out. During this interactive demonstration, Rusty & friends break down a whole pig while explaining various cuts of meat and the nuances of butchery.
  • Beef Butchery - The Chuck Roll
    Sat, Sep 24
    The Lost Druid Brewery
    If you're a steak lover, this is the class for you! Explore the variety of delicious & flavorful cuts of beef that go beyond the well-known steakhouse staples. Butcher Rusty & Angel will demonstrate how to break down the "Chuck Roll" at one of our favorite breweries!


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