Flat Iron Steak


Cut from the Chuck Primal, or the front shoulder section of the cow, the flat iron is a flavorful and very tender steak, second only to the filet. Extremely versatile everyday steak - perfect for tacos, fajitas, sliced for a salad, or served as the highlight of your dinner plate! It is relatively uniform in thickness, rectangular in shape, and perfect for the grill or a cast iron pan!





Butcher Rusty recommends serving at medium (140-145ºF) or medium rare (130-135ºF) doneness.

  • Flat Iron Steaks are individual cuts, meaning the weight is determined by the size of the cow. Most Pine Street Market Flat Iron Steaks weight approximately 16 oz. each.


    Click here for Butcher Rusty's Steak Cooking Tips and a recipe for Cast Iron Flat Iron!

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