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A perfect gift for the meat enthusiast in your life! Pine Street Market offers several hands-on Butchering Classes throughout the year including Whole-Hog Butchery, Raising the Steaks, and more!


Butchery Class Gift Certificate

  • Once purchased we will mail you an official Pine Street Market Class Gift Certificate.  Email once you decide which class to sign up and our team will sign you up!


    In order to keep our class sizes small, we are only allowing 4 Butchery Class Gift Certificates to be redeemed per class.


  • Whole Hog Class - Get to know cuts of pork from the inside-out. During this interactive demonstration, Rusty & friends break down a whole pig while explaining various cuts of meat and the nuances of butchery.


    Raising the Steaks - If you're a steak lover, this is the class for you! Explore the variety of delicious & flavorful cuts of beef that go beyond the well-known Ribeye and NY Strip Steaks. Butcher Rusty will demonstrate how to break down the "Rib Loin" or "Rib Primal" and the "Chuck Roll"!

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