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Minimize Waste

We make it our mission to minimize food waste through Whole Animal Butchery.  There is more to an animal than meat. Healthy animals make healthy bone broth and provide a nutrient-rich source of healthy fat, which also serves as an excellent energy source. We utilize these components to create flavorful and nutritious products that you can find in our retail store. We're so passionate about minimizing food waste that we also encourage our customers to incorporate these practices in their home kitchen by holding hands-on Butchery Classes and Cooking Demonstrations that feature lesser known cuts and tips for Whole Animal Utilization. 


Meat should be simple and delicious. When you start with a healthy animal that was humanely raised, free to roam the land of their home, and well-fed on natural crops, veggies, and pastures, you can feel good about the farmers you're choosing to support and you can taste the difference! We respect the care and passion that the farmers we work with put into their herds, flocks, and crops, so we embrace old-world techniques to create flavorful products that showcase our regional bounty. You won't find unnecessary fillers and additives in our products - they aren't needed.


We have built a community of chefs, farmers, and food crafters that share the same passion for humane animal farming, healthy produce, local sourcing, and a dedication to educating and enriching the collective we serve. Together, we play such a vital role in our society and food community. We believe in the future of local agriculture and do our part to ensure the success of the farms in our community.

One of our favorite organizations is Crop Mob Atlanta, which aims to build a community dedicated to helping small sustainable farms.

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