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What are text styles

Style is the basic element of speech. In fact, it is the "clothing" of the text, its design. And people's clothing speaks volumes.

A man in a strict suit is for sure a businessman, and a guy in sneakers and stretchy sweatpants is either out to get bread or still a sportsman.

Thus, pay someone to write essay according to the stylistic "clothing" of the text, you can understand the sphere in which he "works" - functions.

Characteristics of Speech Styles

So, how to identify the scientific style by "clothes"?

Scientific style is written articles, monographs, dissertations, and so on. What are its striking features? Abundant and often unfamiliar terminology. Bulky sentences and bulky paragraphs on half a page. A maximum of nouns and a minimum of college papers for money verbs. Impersonal "we" instead of "I".

How do you recognize the official business style?

All official documents are written in this style, from laws to business memos exchanged by employees of government and commercial institutions. It is the language of instructions, reports, memoranda and so on. It is characterized by verbal nouns, long sentences, direct word order, a rigid logic and extreme accuracy in presenting information (to the detriment of the ease of reading and listening), extensive use of stamps, language clichés.

How to identify the journalistic style?

Publicist style we meet primarily in the media - newspapers, magazines, news sites, articles on public blogs, etc. It is characterized by a rigid focus on the result - to report information that will influence the outlook of a large number of people and influence their attitude towards public affairs and problems. Therefore, programming homework help the journalistic style likes abstract words and concepts of great social, political or moral importance, such as "progress", "development", "freedom of speech", "patriotism", etc.; actively uses logic in the presentation of information, imagery, richness of emotions, assessments and calls to action.

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