Winter Sampler

One pound Applewood Smoked Bacon, 1/2 pound of Bacon Ends, one pound Bacon Burger (loose), one pound Brastown Ground Beef, & one package of Smoked Kielbasa (4).

Applewood Smoked Bacon  - Dry rubbed with maple & molasses and slowly smoked over apple wood. 

Bacon Ends - Applewood smoked bacon cuts perfect for seasoning salads, greens and soups. 

Applewood Bacon Burger -  Our applewood smoked bacon ground with fresh pork for the ultimate rich, smoky burger.

Brasstown Ground Beef - Dry aged, grass-fed, local ground beef from one of our favorite farms.

Smoked Kielbasa - Smoked over pecan wood & seasoned with mustard, garlic, and marjoram.


Please Note:

If shipping past the Mississippi River please choose FedEx Express Saver Shipping instead of Ground Shipping (since the product is perishable).