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One pound Applewood Smoked Bacon, one package of Bacon Ends, one package of Bratwurst (3), one package of Smoked Kielbasa (4), one pound Country Sausage (loose), one package Spicy Italian Sausage (4), one Picnic Salami, one Petit Paprika salami and one pound Applewood Bacon Burger.

Applewood Smoked Bacon - Dry rubbed with maple and molasses and slowly smoked over Applewood chips. 

Bacon Ends - Applewood smoked bacon cuts perfect for seasoning salads, greens and soups.  

Bratwurst - Seasoned with garlic, nutmeg, and black pepper. 

Smoked Kielbasa - Polish style sausage seasoned with mustard, garlic, red pepper and herbs. 

Spicy Italian - Flavored with fennel, garlic, and chilies. Perfect for lasagna, pizza and pastas!  

Country Sausage - Seasoned with sage and black pepper. Perfect for breakfast casseroles and egg sandwiches.

Bacon Burger - Our applewood smoked bacon ground with fresh pork for the ultimate rich, smokey burger. 

Picnic Salami - Petit salami delicately seasoned with black pepper and fresh garlic. 


Please Note:

If shipping past the Mississippi River please choose FedEx Express Saver Shipping instead of Ground Shipping (since the product is perishable).

Petit Paprika - Petit salami flavored with Hungarian paprika, chilies, and Pinot Grigio. 


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