Butcher Rusty Bowers heads to Portland to represent PSM and Big Green Egg at Feast Portland!


Butcher Rusty will be a featured tastemaker at Feast Portland this year, in collaboration with Big Green Egg and Snake River Farms!

Special Event - Steak & Eggs 2017

Feast Portland has teamed up with Tastemaker Rusty Bowers, Big Green Egg, and Snake River Farms because it’s time to learn how to properly cook a steak. Steak & Eggs will have you looking at your steak and your grill differently once you’ve heard the teachings of Chef Butcher Rusty Bowers of Pine Street Market in Atlanta – top butcher and Big Green Egg-er. In this class, participants will learn how to select meat at a butcher shop, the benefits of different cuts, and how to cut steaks from primal cuts (the big boys!) and cook them four ways: 1. Using a Big Green Egg, 2. Sous vide and finished on a grill, 3. Reverse sear. 4. “Caveman-style,” where you cook directly in the coals. Life will never be the same again! Rusty will also demo how to make simple sauces like compound butter and chimichurri.



Rusty Bowers is the Owner/Operator of Pine Street Market, an artisan butcher shop, in Avondale Estates, GA. Rusty, a graduate of The Culinary Institute ofAmerica, draws inspirations from traditional Italian butchers and salumi makers. Pine Street Market strives to use locally sourced, humanely grown and pasture raised meats that are free from growth hormones, preventative antibiotics, and steroids. He regularly teaches at the Big Green Egg Culinary Academy and travels to Big Green sponsored events throughout the U.S. and Europe to demonstrate his culinary, butchery and EGGspert skills. In Nantucket last May, patrons at the Grand Tasting events bypassed $200 bottles of wine to line up and sample his cold smoked salmon and brie cheese served on Ritz Crackers. Later, he roasted a whole 60 pound deboned pig stuffed with smoked, seasonal vegetables and served porchetta style. And to finish the day, he baked from-scratch pecan pies on the EGG. Rusty’s range and presentation style makes him a crowd favorite wherever he goes.