Butcher & Chef Rusty Bowers of Pine Street Market makes Culinary Local's Top 100 Atlanta Chefs.

In great company in Culinary Local's Top 100 Atlanta Chefs, Owner of Pine Street Market, Rusty Bowers, stands out as a butcher and food crafter among creative and talented chefs.

"Rusty Bowers owns and operates a whole animal butchery shop located in the Avondale area of Atlanta. It started about 10 years ago as a whole sale butchery shop with just Rusty, but it now includes a retail store, online store and classes, with five full-time butchers and a retail and delivery staff. He grew up cooking in Jacksonville, Florida, before moving all over the country and the world, along the way picking up different butchering techniques and a love of community raised meat. Rusty is also the co-host and co-creator of Smoke and Glory, a Chef Thunder Dome style tournament in the area."