Local, Humane Meats

Did you know... that pigs don't have sweat glands? To cool off, they cover themselves in damp mud which doubles as sun screen. They are foragers and would much prefer a meal of insects, sweet gum balls, and acorns over grass or corn. Pigs also have four toes on each foot which makes them related to camels, goats and hippos.

There are a lot of reasons to appreciate pigs as an important species in our food chain. That's why we're so pleased to work with Riverview Farms here in Georgia. They humanely raise antibiotic free Berkshire/ Tamworth pigs in pastures that are not treated with insecticides or herbicides. They also use rotational grazing methods to ensure healthy foraging.


We are also proud to work with the following farms for our Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Ducks, and more!

Springer Mountain Farms

White Oak Pastures



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