PSM Class Gift Certificate

We offer several hands-on Butchering Classes through the year & are proud to offer PSM Class Gift Certificates for the Butcher in your life!


Whole Hog Class $125

Get to know cuts of pork from the inside-out. During this interactive demonstration, local farmers & our crew break down a whole pig while explaining various cuts of meat and the nuances of butchery. Participants slice their own pork chops and create two pounds of signature bacon!


Sausage Making Class $125

Come join our butchers for a hands on sausage-making workshop as they explain a variety of grinding, casing and cooking methods. Participants take home two pounds of their own sausage creation.


Cured Meat Class $125

Come join Hopeton for a hands on cured meat workshop as they explain how to make salami, guanciale, pancetta, & various cured hams. Participants grind, season, & stuff their own salamis and dry cure guanciale.


Lamb Chop Class $125

Join our Lamb Chop Class, where you’ll learn to break down a whole local lamb, supplied by White Oak Pasture! We'll create not only chops, but also roasts, lamb steaks and other delicious lamb preparations.  Each participant will take home their butchering efforts of various lamb roasts & steaks.


Butcher Boot Camp $375

Do you, or does someone you know, want to know more about the art of butchering? Check out our Butcher Boot Camp:  three 3-hour classes that will teach in-depth, hands-on butchering techniques and skills.  

The first two classes will teach you the breakdown of a whole pork center cut, to create loins, tenderloins, ribs, bacon, chops, sausage and rillettes.  

In the third class, students will learn how to break down a whole lamb, create racks, lamb T-bones, and crepinettes.   


Once purchased we will mail you an official PSM Class Gift Certificate with instructions on how to redeem this gift.

Class transfer or cancellation/refund requests must be made at least 7 days prior to your class start date.